First, I want to say that I can sew, so I could make much fancier dresses, but I did this tutorial to show that someone who cannot sew and that includes my 3 yr old daughter and 6 year old niece and any adult, even a dad, could actually make dresses and other barbie clothes without ever sewing.  In fact, you could take this concept and use dad’s huge socks to make dresses for dolls and bears. 

So, these dresses are made with no sewing, not even hand stitching.  Socks, at least most socks, do not run, even when you cut them.  That means you can have raw edges.  For barbie clothes baby and kids socks will give the best fit.  They are smaller, so they fit tighter and many times they have really fun patterns or even lace and bows.  Like I said, with some of the tube dresses that are just 2 cuts, you can even let your 3yr old (supervised) make them.

Start with a mismatched sock.

Now to make a tube dress you literally just cut it off at the heel. 

Then, because this was a really plain sock, I tugged on the bottom at one end to make the sock ruffle a little. 

  See how the ribbing gives it a nice, tight fit and the edge that was not ribbed (ie the heel) ruffled up.  This is a dress that a little kid can get on and off of the doll herself. 

Don’t waste the heel.  I cut it into a skirt/tube top. 

Halter dress tutorial

To make the halter, you are doing the same thing as the tube dress.  You can see how I traced out the pattern onto the sock.  Instead of cutting straight across, you have to stop about 1/2 way to make the long strap. 

a smaller sock would make a tighter fitting dress (or you could sew in some darts – but why bother)

Sleeveless barbie sock dress

Again, this is a very similar concept.  Here, you need either the foot of the sock or an athletic sock. 

Flatten the sock with the heel on the table.  Then you can see how I traced on the pattern of a dress onto the sock.  Cut it and you are done.

So why do I like this project?  I just saved some socks from the landfill and kept my kid from getting more imported junk.  You can make the dresses as simple (no sew like this) or fancy as you like.  Really, for an older kid you could let them use fabric markers to color the outfits, puffy paint, glue on gems, you could even buy those felt stickers to decorate the dresses.    Plus, the project really was so easy that I let my 3 yr old make some dresses herself with her little pair of safety scissors.